Animation, Pacing and Exposition


Exposition refers to the comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or story.
Attention is a major constraint. It refers to the notice taken of someone or something. Holding the listeners' attention is vital. Attention can be visual or memory-related.
The following gain/drain attention:
Graphic Design is the use of space to control time. Here is an example:
Click vs. Scroll: A click is a decision, while a scroll is continuation. Therefore, scrolling is better suited for story-telling.


Animation is the manipulation of images to create an illusion of motion. It takes advantage of the fact that motion is pre-attentive: we perceive motion before anything else.


Pace refers to doing something at a slow and steady rate in order to avoid overexertion.
Ideas depend on other ideas. The aim here is to break down a complex idea into smaller related understandable idea that can be presented to a viewer one at a time, instead of overwhelming the viewer and losing his/her attention.
For example, the image below shows the dependency tree of ideas that culminate in the construction of a decision tree (ML).
Pace is important because it allows for a slow, measured conveyance of ideas.
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